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This is the panopticon advert.
Circa 60 Circa 75
The travel man circumshot D-class circumshot CC to superior This is the mobility and terrain in operation/will for an industry with standards that pose monkey wrenches to the works of Pure. Encryptologists have, as of late, been replaced by ciphers. Goodbye, Mr. Caution.
This is not a testing pattern, there never was a strong demand. They are simple green lettering on a black background. 1. BLACK T.V. MONITOR Point of view from inside a small medicine cabinet MALE VOICE If you have a problem, don't hesitate to ask for assistance. CALL 348-853 FEMALE VOICE For more rapid results use your new D code on your Mercicontrol card. Thank you. FULL ANGLE The room contains two over-stuffed reclining chairs, with control panels on the arms. MANNEQUIN ONE ....and then my request for new arms and legs finally came through. MANNEQUIN TWO Well that's great then. MANNEQUIN ONE No. It's terrible. I ordered two arms and a new leg, and they sent me two legs and a new arm. Raucous canned laughter is inserted as the two mannequin get into the autojet. INTERCOM VOICE Concourse 5.....Cross 3.....Monitor concourse 5.....3417 are you there? Relate....relate..... On the monitors there is much confusion in the destroyed passageway. People move along the corridor to get a better look at the accident. LUH pushes a button and a tape activates. INTERCOM VOICE Radiation suppress. Seal chamber 5G, seal chamber 5G. Exterminate occupant. A man from an industrial section is on one of the TV monitors, screaming hysterically. There are flames and smoke in the back- ground. 9. SCHEDULING OFFICE room filled with ten men, various radar scopes, TV monitors, and large clear plastic maps. The control officer is receiving all forms of reports as two observers, below and in front of him watch TV monitors. An observer reports to the control officer. OBSERVER We are receiving an extreme respiratory count from a Magnum Manipulator in operating cell 94107. Erratic visual behavior. CONTROL OFFICER 4446....EJECT...EJECT...EJECT.... VOICE Near destruct....Near destruct. 24. CONTROL CENTER The observers are switching relays as the control officer trues to get the situation under control. PROSECUTOR The services performed by these erotics must be automated. If sexual perversion is to be stamped out, the products of this perversion must... JOT Please... There is a pause. VOICE Hi, buddy. JOT Look, will you please get off. You're standing on my work. Another pause. The person nudges JOT with his knees. CAM Then SLE and RNH, who came between PRT and MNH, but not before ALF, FRG, and MLK. ALF, FRG, and MLK went before SAM, RNG, NUR, and KLM. Then RRG, STK, OUN, and FLT. And after them came....came.... PTO Four quick felons prepare the bed 58. CONTROL CENTER A row of observers sit at their monitors, as a control officer, ELC 3433 "The history which bears and determines us has the form of a war rather than that of a language (conversation?): relations of power, not relations of meaning." — M. Foucault superstructures/infrastructures/ exostructures (dressed in yellow), enters the room. He walks over to one of the observers and is handed a stack of report all unauthorized contacts in precient 688 CON-G to this center. Mode 7. Instantly, the computer readout activates. ELC reports into an intercom. ELC Request two PB848's: officers 1999 and 2187. Proceed with recovery operation of felons Pure/The P.A.PRODUCT and 5241sen. Current position reproduction center 35, precient 688, CON-G. Report when felons are in custody, revised position: HOLD.... Felons have entered maintance area of reproduction control computer 35-B4. Transfer. ELC turns to watch an assembly accident on one of the monitors. 65. CONTROL CENTER Photos and file histories are projected on the large screen. ELC is speaking into a dictaphone, and his request is instantaneously typed into the computer and onto the screen. VOICE Priority shift granted. Officers the corridor. The tram is till there. He reaches the tram just as the door begins to close. No, the closest thing I have is in CON G, they couldn't have done it. Relay to analysis. CHILDREN Wow! 70. PLASTIC FACTORY VOICE Observation booth 649, Division of plastic, CON H He flips to another channel. ELC Request 2 PB848's: Officers 4242 and.... He checks his computer readout..... ...2284. Proceed with recovery of felon Pure/The P.A. Prefix PRODUCT and unidentified companion. Current position: Vendable manufacturing Center 92. Observation booth 694. Precinct 331. CON H. Report when felons are in custody..... OBSERVER No visual contact in OB 649. ELC That's allright. They're not going anywhere. He speaks into his dictating machine... ...research into advanced relay systems must be given more attention if any....... Report! 0. MODUAL DISPERSAL CENTER They fight their way through the crowd, away from the tram and toward the individual autojets. TV monitors scan the center. CLOSE ANGLE PRODUCT buries his head in his hands. 81. EXPRESS TUNNEL PRODUCT's autojet roars through an express tunnel. Two policemen on sleek, exotic jetbikes round a corner with beautiful precision. Calmly, relentlessly, they pursue PRODUCT. Everything will be all right, you to go. I am here to protect you. chemical leak. 86. CITY SHELL obviously afraid of what lies beyond the door. There isa moment when it looks as if he may turn back. Eventually, he makes a decision and throws the hatch open. FULL ANGLE He stands bewildered, virtually buried in sunlight. PRODUCT climbs out of the hatchway and stands shielding his eyes from the sun. END CREDITS FADE OUT. Invective: verbal assault Structures as symbols, structures as systems, as circuitry in the motherboard of society. Structures as defining and how structures are defined. There’s a certain beauty to the individual being consumed by the edifice of structure(s). Sublime resignation of an individual maintaining a (symptom-like) symbiosis with his/her defining structure. Reciprocity Interdependence Pogrom: Organized massacre Modernism: Advocacy of something deemed modern Pogromodernism Pogromodernist structure Debate status quo ante bellum Copycenter workers: Repitition, choice, collated, variable repitition Bindings (true vs. wire) Toner-stained fingers with the grease of moving parts beneath cartridge c and door b Paper jam, remove item to continue copying, toner low The hum and whirring of scanning arms traversing the customer’s documents. Copied. For archiving. For profit. For dissemination. For real. For proof. For work. For play. Approached in the luncheonette. Trenchcoat conspicuous. Fedora and distracting facial twitch. Spy camera. Goodbye, Mr. Caution I come from the lands without Outfitted with the latest surveillance equipment. The kind of technology shared only by megacelebrities and their stalkers. A celebrity will die a PR death when he/she hires a stalker in a thinly-veiled attempt to attract publicity. The stalker will believe (and be correct in believing, because a business deal has been struck, they are "partners" in this scheme – unlike their (the stalker’s) usually delusional state) that they (stalker and celebrity) have a relationship. And he or she will end up killing the celebrity, as stalkers often do or at least want to do. that point, being now an ex-celebrity and in fact in-famous for attemptint to perpetrate the scheme, it won’t matter if the celeb is alive or not anymore. There’s a teenage power invective. Lateral. Horizonless. Indicate the codefying agent. Excellent, and again. Repete, and again. My mother’s salt shaker had a face, burgundy. Brakesworth International, Ltd. United Conglomerate, dissociative. Pure Industries, denote, emote. Hiring: Quadrant submanager Class D-4. Required: (prerequisites classified)/D-Class circumshot, a truly silent shot. Attention to the chain drive motor, a truly travel man, circa 60, circa 75. The stagnant archives. The dismal archives of an encryptologist. A free quarterly bulletin, 10,000 printed per issue. Circlulation of around 20 because people never really know what he’s talking about. 4 steps in the ladder of unrestrained success. Unequivocable, relentless, expansive and undilluted, raw achievement. Boo-hoo, Rah rah. There’s a signpost by the tower, telling kids to keep away. This ain’t no jungle gym, man. It’s a low-budget P.A. waiting for just the right back-up file. A pamphlet boring the fidgety nervous nellies trapped in the purgatory of a free clinic waiting room. A cautionary fairy tale with intentions to ward off and Don’t forget for one moment that there’s a time when you hit the main boosters and jet away in an exhaust-lined path from whatever precedes your next state/mode/move. Names: Johnny (the) Projectionist Dr. Irwin Auchinclosz Pavro Tider Dr. Blackjack Nurse Roullette "Paging Dr. Blackjack…Dr. Blackjack to the craps table, please. O.R., please."" Delroy Brachlund Fahzel Muldowney Balata Cutter A wrangled crew of star-crossed acquaintances. Starving for the harmony of man & machine not seen since the advent of the lever and wedge. Holding dearly to the clumps of dusty information (the facts, fictions and figures) left in the deregulated T.A.Z. (temporary autonomous zone) since the shifting of gears to corporate subsidy of network space and path. A lack of geographic distinction. An area of unmatched paralogic. Balata Cutter, delusional man of sure-fire corporate intelligence (and counter-, in some cases certainly not spoken of here). Silence Logic Security Prudence I’ll put the tranquilizers in the bathroom Something’s not in orbit in the Capitol of this galaxy Leonard Von Braun I’m very well, thank you, you’re welcome. You’ve come from the lands without? That’s how it is. You never understand anything. Near Mathematical Park No one’s lived in the past, or will live in the future. Can’t manage to adapt to this place. Dissuasion is their strong point. Alpha 60 People have become slaves to probabilities Save those who weep Institute of General Semantics Semantique Generale Everything has been said, provided words do not change their meanings or meanings their words. The meaning of words and expressions, is no longer grasped. The acts of men carried over from the past centuries will gradually destroy them logically. I, Alpha 60, am the logical means of this destruction. We took the tangent to the centre segments. Traffic Bulletins on the radio. Everyone looks so miserable because they lack electricity. It’s zeroville Professor Nosferatu no longer exists. We record, calculate, draw conclusions. We know nothing. Our 17th electricity plan is inadequate. Omega Minus will be the victory of antimatter If an individual showed hope of reclamation, he was sent to a chronic illness hospital where mechanical and propagandistic treatments soon cured him. Recently, some words I was very fond of have dissappeared. Goodbye, Mr. Caution When technical power is the only act in their repetoire. Time is the substance of which I am made. 561114-Blastaar 2/11/98- 21:38 PST The last vestiges of control will appear to the prol. Class only when a more insidious, hidden centralized power structure has secured its grasp over a dominion to be named at a later date. No "traget" No "sell to" Without reading 28/13 Occupy a singular position 1st line of option A: timely, current up-to-the-minute, immediate Modify: span/port In-languange online network) On ramp to the wonderful world of _________. CIA, clandestine "I’ve had enough of your wind machines and inverted energy schemes" Mr. Mac Wellman has gone too far. Hailing from Cleveland, he’s gone too far. White collar workers with the same degree and content of superstitions as Big League Pitchers No shaving on game day, brushing teeth in between innings, never stepping on the baseline while approaching the mound. Abreactions? Things I’ll need: Exact product name as you want it to appear in the ad Which SM tagline did you settle on when we did the copamundial mailing? Line 53 is better Sometimes people turn and point their faces toward mine, open their mouths and make sounds. More often than not I recognize and can decode those sounds. When this is the case, I open my mouth and make sounds back. Usually I do this after pointing my face toward theirs, but that isn’t always the case. I’m a very busy man. Dr. Salvo Magnificent Egress: an exit Ell: wing of a building at a right angle to the main part Piker: someone who does things in an informal way Goldbrick: to shirk work Meninges (pl.), meninx (s): membranes that enclose the brain and spinal chord. Mandacious/mendaciously/mendocity: untruthful, telling lies. Menage: household Nefarious: wicked Nebulize: to reduce to a fine spray Invective scarcely decoded Scarcely decoded invective A seminal tirade approved. A trade-in traded off A wide world, yours to keep, Circuitry G. We’ll never live this down. Sent to client, cced to superior. A night in jail for being misunderstood. A night without pay for belligerence A suspension for cinema rumors An award for abrasiveness Accolades for Mr. Sandpaper!!!! COMMAND: Nebulize Dr. Salvo Magnificent. Trad/cashier Smith Dr. Salvo Magnificent Ponzi, pyramid, social security Dr. Salvo Magnificent Gary Sparks. Gary Sparks has cashed out. He now lives in Bermuda. Or a suburb of D.C. He bought a new (sports car) and drove across the country. Now he lives in Malibu. He flew his mother to Paris, and now he lives in Australia. Accolades for Mr. Sandpaper. Elevator doors opening. Amazing Stories. The Dark Room. Select Invitation, S-R-O Balata, Z. A deer bust in storage, on patio furniture with dusty boxes of forgotten, shiny things. With a lost client – the belt tightens and the boom looms lower. A hasty exit/they’ll show you the door, Sandpaper. Don’t get too comfortable, chump. "Brand Loyalty and the corporation Logos" "That would be telling" We want information, and by hook or by crook, we’ll get it. Love of product – the final motivator. "I’m very well, thank, you, you’re welcome." "May I witness your tag?" A guggenheim ramp office Panopticonadvert The cubes of office to form a vague panopticon America’s deep love affair with structures The structure/system or whatever that you are a part of employs/deploys its own binary process and circuitry of members. It lives and breathes and mutates as its circuitry shifts. It is truly the sum of its parts – and more. Circuitry is a mutable structure. Arteries/is not the pat/is the path/is what flows along and through the path The path is a structure with pure utility. The circuitry of members within a monolithic structure . Upon closer inspection, a monolith with details with relations to individual members of its (the structure’s) circuitry so encompassing as to guide the parts and as a result its whole. The structure/instruction Power structure: not the ability to control one subjectified member, but the ability to control/hyperinfluence the actions of individual members. Thoughts are actions. If individual will can be controlled, then it is free, free to control. One can extract themselves from any given structure. Can they, however, extract themselves from the tapestry (circuitry) of structures that society is comprised of. They’re actuallynot/never extracting themselves. They’re always exiting or entering. Exits and entrances. You exit from a structure by entering another. A structure’s life continues in a dormant state when all circuitry has exited from it. When all the parts that comprise its sum have exited. Remarkably efficient. The passive archives The destitute archives The stagnant archives The vacant archives The disembodied archives The fraying archives Structure: construction, fabrication, configuration, arrangement, form, shape, system, framework Simulation: concealment, dissimulation, front, blind, netting Simulate: prevaricate, dissemble, posture Power: ability, skill, arm, capability, endowment, capacity, competence Authority: hegemony, ascendency, domination, omnipotence, jurisdiction, command, puissance, mastery Subject: dependent, contingent, subordinate, subjacent, subserviant, inferior, minion Object: commodity, article, matter, manifestation, recipient, target, victim, reciever Circuitry: wiring, connection, circuit, printed circuit, maze of wires, switching System: complex, assemblage, combination, correlation, method, procedure, modus operandi, arrangement, regularity Mission: assignment, task, charge, purpose, duty, comission Fracture: crack, break, cleavage, fissure, severing, disjunction, breach, fault Fragment: segment, remnant, particle, scrap Shard: debris from threshing, debris, waste, shell, refuse, crust, husks, pods, chaff The further one is from an object, the more perfect or ideal it appears. "Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to destroy our enemies." —Mao omnipotent = unrestricted omniscient = providence bombastic = pompous, declamatory, ostentatious, oratorical bombast = drivel, rant, fustian fustian = pontification, pomposity, ranting, verbosity megalopolis = chief city, center, metropolis basin = sink, ewer, bowl, pan, container torsion = torque, twist torpid = apathetic, inactive, inert, lethargic, listless, slothful, shiftless The Torpid Archives Archives = annals, scriptures, chronicles Continental Olsten Obvious, Inc. Phase Rule (Degrees of Freedom) = (# of components) — (# of phases) +2 Reality Machine The Reality Machine® Reality Systems, Inc. The circuitry approaches absolution The mainframe circumvents divinity. This territory, This is a terror story 9 stories tall. I reside on the 8th (floor). Reality Machine Subdivides into reality subsystems And those into the collective circuitry (polis) Certainly elements often underwhelmed /endostructures/parastructures/etc. promodernism Promoternism Pogrom = to massacre systematically Pogromodernism Pastmodernism Perimodernism Pogromodernism Independent agents of the panopticon advert. Pure Industries subset 9981JJ947y Making eye contact inking the contract, agent 15, he wears those eyes like they were made just for him. Circuitry G, the system (down) is yours to keep. There are more disseminations/tracts to follow, Identities, inc. can be sure of this. All names, dates, phrases, data contained herein is © 2000, panopticon advert. NO MORE DIALOGUES! SIMPLY MONOLGUES THAT REACT TO ONE ANOTHER!
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